“Run to You – Curves for the Rock Star 2” is coming soon!


Here’s the big cover reveal!

“Run to You – Curves for the Rock Star 2” will be available in the next few days…in the meantime, here’s an excerpt to whet your appetite!

“We have 44 floors before we hit the lobby.”

I leaned back on the elevator handrail and looked across at Rick. His eyes were burning through the ruffled fabric of my red designer dress. “There’s no time,” I smiled, licking my lips. “We only have a minute or so before we reach the ground floor.”

Rick walked towards me, pure lust etched all over his face. He placed a hand on my waist and slowly moved up the side of my body, stroking at the curve of my left breast through the fabric and causing me to sigh. Our tongues briefly danced with each other, our lips barely touching. “You look irresistible,” he growled.

“I know,” I teased, glancing at the elevator display. “32 floors to go.”

“I need to f**k you,” Rick whispered. “And you need to be f**ked.”

My legs almost buckled as his hand slipped inside the slit of my dress, slashed to the thigh and giving perfect access to the soaking wet panties beneath. I moaned out as I felt him gently tug at my underwear.

“21 floors left. Say it, Amy. Tell me what you need.”

My nipples were sensitive and hard beneath my dress, my insides flooded again with warm juice. I felt a stitch at the side of the seam of my panties give way as Rick pulled at it further. My resistance was in tatters, even as I glanced at the number of floors ticking their way downwards.

“Say it.”

“I need…” I stammered, my voice breaking. “I need to be f**ked.”

Without a further seconds warning, he ripped off my panties in one swift, strong movement. I yelped out as the flimsy, drenched fabric tore from my body, the elastic stinging against my skin as it snapped. I almost lost balance on my high heels as the combination of the lingerie being torn from my body and the weakness in my legs from sheer, unadulterated arousal made me fall forward slightly. With just seven floors to go, Rick spun around and slammed a fist into the emergency stop button, causing the elevator to suddenly come to a halt in midair…


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