“More Than a Feeling – Curves for the Rock Star 3” is out NOW!

CoverBNI’m thrilled to announce that the third part of “Curves for the Rock Star” is out now! “More Than a Feeling” is the penultimate story in the series. When Amy Reid hooked up with rock superstar Rick Borrell, she knew she would be in for a wild ride. But nothing like this…

Rick’s son, Luke, has been kidnapped and he and Amy face a desperate race against time to find and rescue him. What they fail to realise is just how dangerous their life is about to get and how Amy, in particular, faces an unseen threat that could prove fatal…

Get your copy now at:

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(Coming Soon to Apple iBookstore and Kobo)

UPDATE: Here’s some more good news – PART 4 IS OUT ON MONDAY 25TH NOVEMBER – so you won’t have too long to wait to find out how Amy and Rick’s story ends.

Once again, thank you all so much for your support!


  1. Laura Myers

    I bought the boxed set and read your first two books and then bought Curves for the Rock Star 3 when will 4 be out I was left hanging. I can’t wait to finish the story

  2. latanya

    Just read all three books I’m trying to find book 4 but can’t. From what I’ve read its supposed to be out. Any advice want to know what happens to Rick and Amy. Thanks

    • Clare Cole

      Glad you enjoyed the first few parts. Apologies for the delay with part 4 – it will be available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble from late Saturday/early Sunday (99 cents for the first 48 hours!) with Kobo and Apple iBooks to follow soon after. Thank you for your patience and support!

  3. Tracy Sunshine

    when is it out in the USA? on amazon for kindle? its overdue if you said it should be out last weekend… I want to finish up the series before I read the rest of the boxed set with various artists and hate to start another and then go back to that one.. so I am waiting….. please let us Americans know when to expect it on Amazon.. thank you… Hurry!

    • Clare Cole

      Hi Tracy! It will be available on Monday 25th November on Kindle – so sorry for the delay. Stay tuned to this blog for the link. It will be 99 cents for the first week so everyone who has been waiting can get it at as low a price as possible. Thanks again for the support!

      • Tracy Sunshine

        Yeah! cannot wait, its a great series and posted on Amazon how much I loved it.. will be following you as a new favorite writer…. That boxed set was great as it introduced me to other authors and love all the stories in it and glad you put book 1 and 2 in it…. I rate you up there with Maya Banks, Sylvia Day and Arianne Richmonde…. Great job! Cannot wait to see how the series ends… Awesome storyline with mystery, intrigue and of course hot romance…. A must have series.

      • Tracy Sunshine

        Are you working on other books? Is this your first series? I hope your newsletter keeps me posted as to your novels…….These 4 were great, but please , don’t keep us waiting for too long from one book to the other, and let us know if they will be available as a boxed set even if on kindle… that way we don’t have to stop and wait… LOVED THIS SERIES,,, YOU ROCK and I am almost 57 so you have fans of all ages…. reviews are under Sunshine on Amazon in case they don’t forward the reviews to you.

  4. Tracy Sunshine

    Today is the 25th,, still not on Amazon. What is the hold-up? cannot wait to finish last book before I go on to another . Will keep checking but will it be sometime today?????

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